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Estate Agency: Selling, purchasing or letting.

With the introduction of Rightmove and other internet based property advertising the face of modern estate agency has changed forever. Being able to utilise and expand on these services is key and will assist us in finding you the right home at the right price and most importantly in the right location.

At Smooth Move Estates we know the benefits of incorporating new technology into our business for both your and our benefit. However we also believe that the level of service we aim to provide is equally as important if not more so.

Our aims are;

  • To help you find the right property for your needs when buying or renting
  • To help you find buyers/tenants if selling or letting.
  • To provide independent mortgage and financial advice enabling you to purchase and safeguard your new home. Or invest the proceeds from the sale of your old home.
  • To provide the services of an associated solicitor/conveyancer.
  • To provide the services of an associated removals firm.
  • To ultimately give you the opportunity to have all your home purchasing, selling or renting services provided via one source.
  • To keep your overall costs low and the stress of moving into a new home even lower.

We feel that by providing access to all the services required via one administration point we can make your move considerably cheaper, and considerably smoother.

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